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The term electronic commerce or ecommerce is used to describe doing business over the Internet. Ecommerce has been described as the new economic paradigm. By 2002, total ecommerce transactions are projected to exceed over $1 trillion dollars annually. A direct, real-time, producer to consumer virtual marketplace will dominate the national and global economies. Hundreds of thousands of new and agile companies will emerge from around the globe. Opportunity for prosperity will abound for those prepared to take advantage of it. 

HostIQ also offers a comprehensive suite of electronic commerce products and services which cover all the facets of building and maintaining a Web Store.  The HostIQ solution is robust and low cost because at HostIQ, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to participate in the "global marketplace." There are two basic products/services required to conduct "real-time" ecommerce 24 hours a day, seven days a week: 

1. Shopping Cart Software or Web Store Builder
2. Online Payment Acceptance Solution

1. Shopping Cart Software or Web Store Builder

Using our software, YOU can build an online store with a shopping cart, catalog and inventory features!

This facility includes complete setup of the software such that you are able to create your web store and maintain your online inventory. Your customers can easily and swiftly browse through your "Shop" and pick items, placing them in their "Shopping Cart". To complete the order, the customer is taken to a secure server where they can enter payment information. Try out our working demonstration today!

Our shopping cart software:
  • builds your online store
  • uses point & click technology
    (does not require HTML knowledge!)
  • creates product catalogs
  • supports categories/departments
  • supports product sizes, colors etc.
  • organizes the layout of the site
  • provides control over appearance & colors
  • tracks inventory
  • calculates transactions
  • creates invoices
  • generates sales statistics
  • supports various shipping methods/costs
  • allows tax addition
  • supports various payment methods
  • and much more...

Comparable packages cost $100s or even $1000s of dollars for a single store license. Automate your store management so you can manage your business.

Ecommerce means advertising, selling and supporting products and services using a Web Store around the clock for customers worldwide. The Web Store, or store that works while you sleep, is not geographically or politically restricted. It has global reach. Contact HostIQ to find out more!

2. Online Payment Acceptance Solution

Execute payment processing for real-time credit card transactions using a merchant account and gateway to a payment processing center.

The HostIQ Ecommerce Solution can coordinate the transfer of funds between a customer's bank, a payment processing service, and  your bank. If the transaction is approved, funds are usually transferred to your (merchant) bank account within 36 to 72 hours.

Please contact us for complete details

Bottomline: HostIQ offers a real-time, turnkey ecommerce solution with everything you need for a low fee. How much does, or would it cost you to manage a store, hire the people, and advertise your business world-wide using a traditional storefront 24 hours a day, seven days a week?  What would your start-up costs be? Consider using our Web Store to augment your current business model. 

There is NO other provider in the industry who can match HostIQ's ecommerce solution. Start your Web Store today and seize the opportunity to capitalize on the ecommerce revolution. Become a leader in your industry by grasping the implications of the new network economy. You are only limited by your imagination.

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